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We would like to thank Curtin University for funding the workshop that has made this book possible. We are especially grateful to Chris Moran, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), who took a chance on this novel methodology.

The organisers -- Cameron Neylon, Lucy Montgomery and John Hartley -- are eternally grateful to the workshop participants who willingly submitted to 12 hour days of writing and who brought ideas, energy, and patience to the process. We are also grateful to Emma de Francisco, Administrator of Curtin's Centre for Culture and Technology, without whose organisational prowess none of us would have got here.

We thank Faith Bosworth and BookSprints ( for skilled facilitation, and the courage and diplomacy to wrangle a diverse and opinionated, group of scholars into collective productivity. The Book Sprint remote team for this publication included Raewyn Whyte (editor), Henrik van Leeuwen (illustrator), Julien Taquet (book production), Juan Gutierrez (IT support).

We enjoyed outstanding hospitality at the Moondyne Convention Centre. The excitement that accompanied the release of each day's menu was only matched by the daily encounters with big mobs of kangaroos. Thanks to Chris and Peter Nott.

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New Discussion on May 8
Elizabeth Gadd: This is an interesting statement that has got me reflecting as to how, in any attempt to develop openness indicators, we have to be careful perhaps not to impose any one definition of openness on a...
New Discussion on May 8
Elizabeth Gadd: Or we must seek to influence the ways that current rankings drive organisational change.
New Discussion on May 8
Elizabeth Gadd: Is this always true? I would say it would only be true if there was reward attached. We’re not in this competitive place with openness and nor should we seek to get there.