MITP Works in Progress (WiP) are written works in early stages of development that would benefit from an open peer review process. This program provides authors the benefit of community feedback in the development of their ideas, as well as the ability to publish a version of their work before more formal publication. WiP are vetted by the Press, then posted on PubPub for open discussion. Comments are moderated by the author(s) and facilitated by Press staff. After the open review period, authors may revise the work and submit it for consideration for formal publication. The MIT Press will have first right of refusal, and all submitted manuscripts will be subject to our usual rigorous peer review.

The Press supports greater transparency in the revision and review process as well as the open access to new ideas by readers, researches, and other interested audiences.  We encourage interested authors to submit their work for consideration as a WiP and our readers to read and provide comments on currently posted works in progress.